Bulk SMS Service is an excellent marketing technique to maximize the business reach. But at the end of the end, the marketing plan is executed by humans, and i know humans made all this technology but they are are prone to make mistakes as well. But there are certain mistakes that can break the brand image of the business.

Here are a few common mistakes that must be checked before shooting for the latest SMS Campaign:

1. Check..Check..Check                 

There can be blunders if the correct grammar and spelling is not present in the SMS. There can be errors with the information and vital details that can put the image of the business down. So there is no harm in spending those extra couple of minutes to check those 160 characters.

2. Mobile friendly messages

Reaching out to the masses for the information means that there are people who use all types of mobile phones, from iPhone to nokia keypad phones. A testing should be done before to check whether the text messages are readable and receivable on small screen phones as well.

3. No Spamming!

Sending too many texts in short duration can work bad for your business. The goal of Bulk SMS Service should be done to keep the customers engaging and not harassing them with loads of messages. Timing and relevant messages to your target audience are supremely important in this type of marketing.

4. Avoid general content

General messages are often not taken seriously by the readers. Give it a personal touch by adding the receiver’s name. Use the name of the brand as much as possible. Take advantage of festivals and sports matches and engage the audience to indulge in those activities.

5. Timings

Timings can make or break your business. Researchers have shown that the best time to engage your audience is 12 noon to 6 pm. During these hours the receivers are active and will read your messages.

6. Buying phone numbers

That is the biggest mistake any business could do. Never buy the phone numbers list. Nobody would vaguely want to read about your business and keep wondering why they got such messages. This is indirectly known as spamming, and a legal action can take place against this.

7. Professionalism

Maintain a professional tone in the text messages. Informal messages tend to reach the audience when the information that is to be sent is more than the characters permitted. Words like please and thank you should be included in the message to show professionalism.

8. Permission based marketing

At times, the customers have to pay to send and receive messages once their limit is exhausted. Hence, it is best to send messages to customers who are interested to purchase the services and products offered by the company.

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