As we know that Bulk SMS marketing is the fast and useful method for business enhancement. Lot of people might still assume that Bulk SMS services are intended for only certain kind of companies. But hold on guys, it is an important promotion tool for many businesses. It assists you to achieve your target audience without causing any marketing wastage, as proven, it is one of the smartest tools of promotion.

We are discussing here Important terms you need to know in Bulk SMS marketing. As every person become more close to their mobile phones, text messages become the straightest line of contact. This has made text message marketing, or Bulk SMS Service one of the most useful & effectual forms of communicating with clients when done properly.

Bulk SMS is terms used to describe mass sms sent from a business to customers, generally a big list of mobile numbers that are post the same message content. Bulk SMS is used repeatedly for marketing and promotional activities, but company are also using bulk SMS for their wider company business communications, such as consumer service, delivery and informational notice.

Bulk SMS is one of the great ways to do marketing which gives an instant result to produce leads for your selling. Bulk SMS has some terms which are following.

  • Promotional SMS: This type of bulk SMS are mostly used for promoting your service or business to new customer to generate query and leads. It helps get an instant result with visibility.
  • Transactional SMS: Transactional bulk SMS services are use for sending reminders/ alerts/updates to your live customers. It is simple to send bulk SMS during the globe with accessible web interface.
  • SMS Short Code: Short codes a large way to send out explodes of messages in subject of seconds. It is a huge A2P messaging policy with an enormous throughput coupled with an option of collective and enthusiastic code.
  • SMS Long Code: A SMS Long Code Services is a simple option to using your individual mobile number which allows you to effortlessly send and receive messages. SMS Long code service is mainly used for lead generation or receiving feedbacks from the consumers.
  • IVR (Virtual number): An IVR system consists of software applications, telephony equipment, database and a supporting communications. An IVR application provides pre-recorded voice responses for suitable situation.

There are some reasons why bulk sms marketing is so important for business. Below are benefits of using bulk sms.

  1. SMS can reach to client wherever they are.
  2. You can get your message out resourcefully to the required group.
  3. You can send individual messages or group messages.
  4. Right on target
  5. High ROI & low cost
  6. Brand promotion
  7. General awareness
  8. Reliable
  9. Limitless market potential
  10. Mobile friendly
  11. Flexible platform

Give your company  a power of bulk SMS Service and start flying in the sky of possibilities. Let people identify about you and your company and increase your business sales. So, hurry up start bulk sms marketing with Us, We are Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangalore, offering Complete SMS Solution.

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